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Be a part of this four week introductory course which presents the concepts in the 10 chapter book, LeadershipYOU, and teaches young adults and professionals how to have an amazing career and life. The course is free and dives into the concepts from the book, with opportunities for interaction with the course instructor, classmates, quizzes, and homework. All coursework is optional of course because this MOOC is free!

About the Course:

Hey Teachers & Students!

My name is Maribeth Sublette, and I am the Director of Education for Outlier Publishing. I’d love to take a second to explain the vision we have for this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), and how it relates to you and your classroom.

Anyone can access this course at any time from anywhere. However, you as educators (and your students) are the audience for whom this course was truly created.

As a former educator, I was brought onto this project to ensure that what the videos created fit well into classrooms and works for teachers and their students.

This course is broken into five separate sections containing four videos per section:

  1. Introduction
  2. Part I- Understanding the concepts of self-leadership and success
  3. Part II- Take stock of where you are. What is or could be holding you back?
  4. Part III- Figure out what your next steps need to be
  5. Part IV- Continuing to strive for greatness

Each video is anywhere from four to ten minutes long. The videos do build upon one another, but they can also stand on their own, giving you the option to use all, some, or maybe even just one video at any given time.

You can find an outline further down that has much more detail for you to look at to decide how you could use this in your classroom. The full course is scheduled to be up by early September, just in time for the 2016-17 school year.

These videos have many different applications in the classroom, especially with the heavy emphasis that Common Core places on video. I know that once you, as an educational professional, take a look at the online, you will be able to easily brainstorm many different ways that this resource could be of use to you in your classroom. Here are a handful of ways that I see these videos fitting into lessons nicely:

  • Use as a supplement to any leadership or career book you already teach
  • Use the videos themselves to teach specific topics: Creating SMART goals, vision boards, finding a mentor, etc.
  • Watch the videos start to finish as a stand-alone text (will take two class periods) and after, have students write an essay on the greatest leadership lesson that they took away from the series
  • Use some of the online quizzes that we will have on the website for fun or forformative assessments
  • Choose a video, or a section, and have students write a compare and contrastpiece between the ideas presented in the MOOC and a different print text (an article, essay, poem, etc.). There will be a selection of additional texts to be used with each section in the attachments folder that corresponds with each section
  • Watch the videos and have students practice Cornell Note taking skills
  • Do a jigsaw! Break students up into different groups and have them become an expert on either one video, or a series of videos. Have students create a presentation on the information. Practicing presentation skills is always of great benefit.
  • Use one of the videos as a bell ringer activity and have the class respond to the ideas outlined in a journal entry
  • Have the students analyze rhetorical devices used in the video
  • Use as an anticipatory set
  • Use the fourth video in section two for bully prevention week. The video discusses the importance of surrounding oneself with good, positive people
  • Have the students analyze the video and search for author’s claim, and supporting evidence presented
  • Career counselors- use a series of these videos when discussing career searches

Thank you so much for your interest in the course. As someone who taught in a Title I school, I always felt like I had to search hard to get valuable supplemental resources for me to use in the classroom. This MOOC was created to be just that; a free resource that has true value to teachers and their students.

From one teacher to another, thank you for doing what you do. Continue fighting the good fight, and working hard to impact the lives of your students. We hope that this resource helps you in that worthiest of endeavors.


Maribeth Sublette
Director of Education for Outlier Publishing
Former high school English and AVID elective teacher


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