Ingredients of Outliers: Women Game Changers | Paperback


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  • Genre: Non Fiction / Women in Business /  Women in Medicine / Women in Writing/ Women’s Issues
  • Size: 146 Pages, 6″ x 9″

This book is a kaleidoscope look at the lives of women who have humbly and tenaciously pushed past bristly beginnings and daunting opposition to improve systems and patterns those in their midst. They have defended the innocent, nurtured selflessly, and proceeded graciously yet fearlessly past what they thought was possible. Dr. Shufeldt gathers their insights and advice through thought-provoking interviews and uncovers expert tips, and the potent truths that carried these women beyond their wildest expectations.

The women in this book include:

  • Sharon Guynup, a world renown environmental journalist and photographer whose investigatory pieces on wildlife conservation have been published in publications like The Smithsonian, National Geographic, and USA Today, and who started her public speaking career as a presenter at a TEDx event.
  • Award-winning novelist Jane Hamilton, who reveals how she got discovered, writing from an apple orchard in Wisconsin and became the author of The Book of Ruth and A Map of the World, which both became Oprah’s Book Club selections.
  • Christine Jones, a mentor, philanthropist, and Attorney-CPA who served as Chief Counsel for the world’s largest domain registrar, using her position to advocate for policy that would make the internet a safer for children, and was nominated an Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate in 2014
  • Jenny McClendon, a humble, faith driven, and passionate full-time physician assistant, former star of WEtv’s Raising Sextuplets, and mother of nine, who balances a career and medical missions, most of all treasuring time with family
  • Mildred MG Olivier, MD a prolific humanitarian, minority student advocate, an academic, and physician leader in the field of ophthalmology who is known for her work in Haiti and expert panelist on the Dr. Oz Show
  • Justice Marsha Ternus, who began as a bank teller and became the first woman Chief Justice in Iowa’s highest court, and fought for children and those lost in the justice system, remaining active in her community and family

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